P.S.M. Grand Palace
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Amenities At The Mahal

Our air-conditioned banquet hall redefines luxury, catering to 3000+ guests with lavish opulence.
Large suite rooms with en-suite and safety lockers are provided to the groom and bride families.
Offering large parking space that can accomodate over 500 cars and 50 busses.
Playtime paradise for kids: Our joyful playground is full of excitement and smiles
Dine lavishly in our expansive space, designed to comfortably host up to 1000 guests, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all.
Culinary artistry unfolds in our kitchen, cleverly partitioned for Veg, Non-veg, and Biryani, allowing precise and diverse food preparation.
Impressive Facilities

Highlighted Amenities

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